Pre-budget and order information

Minimal Order Quantity

Our minimal order quantity is 50 shirts, and you can have up to two different shirt styles/colors. Minimal quanitity per style/color: 20 shirts. Shirt size requirements: all sizes quanitites need to be in noun numbers, example: 2S-6M-4L-2XL Any special requirements?Tell us and we will be happy to find the best solution for your project.

Customizing your shirt

Customizing your shirts is really easy and simple, just follow this step-by-step: First we will need your logo and every artwork that you will want printed on your shirt, so we can build a mockup of your shirt design. We will send you the final artwork of your shirt design, with the colors, logos, and every detail just the way you requested. After receiving the final design, you can request changes or approve the final design. After your approval and paymeny, your order will go into production.


When ordering your t-shirts, we will ask you for 50% payment of the total cost when the order is placed and the rest of the payment should be completed before shipping. Orders that are not paid in full, won't be shipped before payment is completed. Payment Method: Credit Card, Paypal or Wire Transfer. *For credit card payment, it's important that you send us the exact card information, including: First and last name (as printed on the card), card number, security code (3 digits) and valid date.


Shipping Conditions- Together with your quotation, our sales representative will find the best shipping price for you. Shipping is paid by the client. Shipping Methods: Brazilian Mailing Service; Fedex DHL